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10 JAHRE Zentrum für Kulturwissenschaft / Cultural Studies
Jubiläumsveranstaltung am 2.12.2015 mit Dr. Gundula Schiffer

Prof. Dr. Hubert Zapf (Universität Augsburg)
"Cultural Ecology and the Transdisciplinary Knowledge of Literature"
8. Dezember 2015

Ian Robinson, Ph.D. (North American Studies Program, Universität Bonn)
"Toronto on Screen: Cinema and Politics of Place since the 1980s"
24. November 2015

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sielke (North American Studies Program, Universität Bonn)
"Der Mensch als ‘Gehirnmaschine’: Kognitionswissenschaft, visuelle Kultur, Subjektkonzepte"
17. November 2015

Prof. Christopher E. Forth (University of Kansas | Universität Erfurt)
"Fat American or Fattened American? Corpulence, Consumption and Animality"
27. Oktober 2015

Dr. Philipp Löffler (Universität Heidelberg)
"After Literary History: 21st Century American Literature and the Idea of the Contemporary"
7. Juli 2015

Prof. Dr. Joyce Goggin (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
"Flirting with Disaster: Hollywood Film and the Shock Doctrine"
5. Mai 2015

Prof. Arthur Gross-Schaefer, J.D. (Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles)
"The History, Necessities, and Abuses of Academic Freedom"
21. April 2015

Prof. Layli Maparyan (Wellesley Centers for Women)
"Building Cultures of Inclusion across Race, Ethnicity, and Religion: Comparing Notes across the U.S. and Germany to Cultivate Social Change Leadership"
29. Januar 2015

Prof. Dr. Manfred Berg (Universität Heidelberg)
"The Dream Revisited: Racial Integration and Black Advancement since the Civil Rights Era"
Martin Luther King Day Lecture 2015
19. Januar 2015